Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

Selina suddenly flung out her arms again with joyous abandon. "Let's dance!" she cried. Gabrielle ran to a radiogram in the corner and put on a record and, to the horror of Susan and Midge, began to dance round the room. Selina gaily dragged Susan and Midge to their feet. Hideously embarrassed, Midge and Susan thumped round like elephants.
When the record, which of course was a long-playing one, did at last stop after what seemed like a couple of centuries to Midge and Susan, Selina said, "Now I feel thoroughly refreshed! I know I could throw a superb pot-"
While the girls would have enjoyed seeing her throw pots about, they felt that this was their chance to get out of the house, so as soon as they decently could, they muttered polite thanks for coffee and cakes and took themselves off.

From SUSAN RUSHES IN, Chapter 1, A Job for Susan, describing the girls' first encounter with Selina Gascoigne.