Sunday, April 17, 2011

Twopence Coloured

We haven't had anything from the Penny books for a while, so here are the cover and frontispiece of Twopence Coloured. In this book, Penny travels to Brittany and Paris. The town of Binic, the centre of all Jane Shaw's stories set in Brittany, in this book is called Kerdic. Of the four Breton books (Breton Adventure, The Moochers Abroad, Twopence Coloured and Susan's Kind Heart), this book has the most detailed description of Binic. It is in the second book of the series that Penny becomes friends with Laura and John Mallory, who will also feature in the later books. The adventure in this story involves Louise, a girl that Penny chatted with on the plane to France who is kidnapped. This was the first book set in Brittany that I really liked on the first read. It took me a while to appreciate Susan's Kind Heart and Breton Adventure. As for The Moochers Abroad, I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I hope it gets here this week.