Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quote of the Day

Penny didn't much fancy scrabbling about in the undergrowth half-way up a cliff. "I thought I'd go to the village," she said, "and look for something to buy with the money Daddy gave me."
Dr. Carter, much afflicted in the past by his daughters' expensive souvenir-buying, had that morning handed them each what seemed to Penny an enormous number of francs. "That's for spending and postcard-buying and souvenirs and everything," he said, "and don't come to me for any more, and don't go to your mother either and ask her to buy you things."
"Oh, we won't," said Penny. "All those francs!"
"It's only just over a pound," said Jill.
"Well, even a pound," said Penny. "I don't know when I had a pound, just to spend!"

From TWOPENCE COLOURED, Chapter 7, Penny Buys a Picture.