Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fritt Fram, Fifi!

The second of the Susan titles in Swedish, Susan's Helping Hand. Funny to see Susan wearing jeans and a T-shirt! Fritt fram means "Go ahead" or "You've been given the green light". It might even have a comic ring to it as in the English Carry On films, so that the title might be translated back into English as Carry On Susan. Note Jane Shaw's name on the signpost, even though the text makes it clear that the farm belongs to Cousin Barbara. This scene with the runaway lawnmower was also used in the later laminated board edition of the book by the Children's press, replacing the original with Susan and Bill hunting for clues at Folding Manor, although the Swedish version is far more over the top. The full list of titles and publication dates in Sweden are given below:

Fina fisken, Fifi!, 1965 (Susan Pulls the Strings)
Fritt fram, Fifi!, 1966 (Susan's Helping Hand)
Fara pa färde, Fifi!, 1967 (Susan Rushes In)
Det fixar, Fifi!, 1968 (Susan Interferes)
Farligt fiffel, Fifi!, 1969 (Susan at School)
Fula fiskar, Fifi!, 1970 (Susan Muddles Through)
Fiffigt, Fifi!, 1971 (Susan's Trying Term)
Full rulle, Fifi!, 1972 (No Trouble for Susan)