Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jill's Escape

A dramatic scene from Chapter 3 of Penny Foolish, Exile for Jill. After she finds out that her father's assistant Miss Cook is stealing his secret work, Jill grabs his notebook and flees, with the treacherous Miss Cook and her accomplice in hot pursuit. This is one of the very few scenes in the Penny series that takes place at home in Wychwood Village. Unlike the Susan series, where a number of stories are set in London, we rarely see Penny and Jill at home. The Penny series was illustrated by Gilbert Dunlop. This picture accurately depicts Jill as having fair hair, like her sister's (it is stated more than once that the girls are often mistaken for twins). However, in later stories, Jill's hair was black in some drawings. Strange, as they were all done by the same artist.