Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quote of the Day

As they sat in the sun having breakfast next morning, Sara helped herself to enough cherry jam to last a normal person a week, fed surreptitious morsels to the Alpenrose hound and said, "What's the dog's name, Caro?"
"Towser," suggested Caroline.
"Oh, it couldn't be---!"
Caroline sighed. "It's too easy getting a rise out of you, Sara."
"What d'you feel like doing to-day?" Sara changed the subject.
"Lying on my back in the sun somewhere and sleeping," Caroline answered, poking moodily at her bread and honey and privately longing for some bacon and eggs.
"Gosh, Caro, you lazy pig! You can't possibly sleep all day in Switzerland---"
"Oh, can't I? Believe me, I can hardly keep my eyes open. It must be the strong air."