Monday, November 7, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Sara," her father came into the consulting room and interrupted, "will you please come off that telephone? You'll be preventing at least a dozen doctors getting in touch with me---"
"I haven't been here a second," Sara objected. "All right, I'm just finishing."
"What?" said Caroline's voice.
"It's Daddy," answered Sara, "he seems to want the phone. Such a nuisance."
"Well, I suppose you had better go. We'll see you at the station---"
"How much would a private line to my room cost, do you think?" Sara went grumbling on, not listening. "I shall have one installed when I sell my thriller---"
"First catch your hare," said Caroline.
"What d'you say?"
"Nothing. How far have you got?"
"Well, I actually haven't written anything at all yet, but I'm working like mad on the plot. You remember that bit I told you about where the heroine is shut up alone in the haunted house and she hears awful noises coming from the lab? Well---"
"Oh, yes, all right, Daddy. Listen, Caro, I'll have to tell you in the morning, Daddy's bawling at me again---"

From HIGHLAND HOLIDAY, Chapter 2, Arran Revisited. It's obvious that Sara would love the concept of the mobile phone.