Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quote of the Day

"We must just come back another day," said Charlotte. "After all, the birthday isn't till Wednesday."
"And by that time they'll be sold, all the maps will be sold," Susan cried wildly. "I expect thousands of trippers will be in the village this week-end and they'll all buy maps!"
"I don't see how they can if the shop's shut," said Midge reasonably.
They trailed disconsolately back to the little shop and tried to peer in at the high windows, past the bright-coloured china and earthenware.
"Give me a buckie-up, somebody, I can't see," said Susan.
Bill kindly bent down and Susan scrambled up on his back. "Oh help," panted Bill, tottering, "this is more than I bargained for."

From SUSAN'S HELPING HAND, Chapter 6, Susan is Inquisitive.