Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quote of the Day

At the airport a surprise announcement awaited them. For reasons unspecified, Flight B.E.A. 506 had been delayed.
Sara's eyes gleamed. This was better! This was more like the thing! Their aircraft would burst into flames in mid-air and she would have a wonderful time rescuing everybody! Or maybe there was a fog in the Channel and they would be lost in the fog and would fnd the way to London for the pilot! Oh yes, this was certainly better!
Two hours later, when they were still sitting at Le Bourget, she wasn't so sure.
"John," she said, "really I'll die if I don't get something to eat! It's nearly nine o'clock and we haven't had a bite since that cake we had in the pâtisserie in the Rue St. Honoré and that was at four o'clock."
"For the three hundredth time, Sara," said John, "we have no money. Our last thousand francs went on that, that bunch of daisies." Vanessa pretended not to hear.